came up with this due to the fact that my girlfriend is moving and i wanted to make a song for her

the pain i feel
it takes such a toll
i feel like im starting to peel
my life is like a pointless goal
its just too hard to deal
im beginning to think i have no soul

I've got a hole in my heart
it's too deep to fill
i've been thinking about you lately
only if you were here still
i'm falling apart slowly
it's too much to bear
help me out here
give me a smile that i can wear
the feeling it makes
it shows you care

let me think back to those days
we were there for eachother
it was always about
being with one another
i felt i could shout
how much i loved you
now im starting to doubt
if it will still work out

still workin on it
Quote by restless_thrash
should've written it more about her. Seems like you're saying how much you'll be hurt, not how much you love her and how much you feel about her.

BTW, some longterm relationships DO work out.

shes moving to italy. countrys dont work.
i plan on making anohter song about her. but thank you for that. i am really gonna miss her.