I've been learning how to do bends during my guitar lessons. So far I've just been practicing the exercises my teacher gave me. What easy songs have bends so I can practice a real song? I like metal and alternative but I'd try to play just about anything. Thanks.
Just play random bends on the 5th thru 9 fret up and down the strings constantly bending until you can do it easily then make up a song and play that.
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Not to many songs have bends in the rhythm but most if not all have bends through out a solo. The only one I can think of right now is Walk by Pantera or the beginning to Purple Haze is good. Anyways just have fun and play whatever you want to. Also talk to your guitar teacher he can help to.
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Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd jumps out in my mind. The acoustic solo in the intro has some pretty basic bends.
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Californication by RHCP, at least in the solo.

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teen spirit solo
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The little guitar solo from "what I got" (sublime) has a couple bends in it that are pretty easy to do. If you can do that and play a D chord and a G chord you can play the song
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the solo to any clapton songs, try sunshine of your love
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I would recommend Sunshine of Your Love solo or Mississippi Queen. Clapton and West were famous for using lots of vibrato and bending.
ACDC - Shook you all night long. Has a fair amount of bends in it. Both bend and release bends. I got my callouses built up playing the solo in that song.