Has this ever happened to anyone? For the passed year or two ive been really peaceful and (for the most part) upbeat about everything. Ive never actually been in a real fight with anyone my whole life, which is actually surprising considering my stature. I lift weights and ive played (american) football for the passed 7 years.

Anyway last night something in me kinda snapped, and now i feel completely different to the point where i want to kick the **** out of someone and watch them bleed out onto the floor in front of me. (My thoughts run way deeper than that too). Kinda weird since i cant remember the last time ive been angry, or if ive ever been this angry before. Like to the point where im shaking and am seeing flashes of graphic images.

I know where its all coming from too. Its been a mix of everything building up and then last night was just like a realization, but idk why my thoughts are so extreme. Im actually really peaceful and all this is coming out of nowhere. Anyone know any good advice or techniques to get me passed this without kicking the **** out of someone? I doubt itll work but... hey... w/e. This isnt like just being angry, its like a whole different mindset... its hard to explain
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well, I used to be the same way, except I was like that my whole life. now I'm angry a lot actually, more than I'd like to be.
I guess I'll be using whatever advice you get as well.
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fight club...that's the answer.
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fight club...that's the answer.

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fight club...that's the answer.

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ive actually been feeling like that too lately. i've never been in a fight and i lift weights and stuff but and i don't really remember the last time i was angry but i kinda feel like it's building up. i know what you mean
kill somebody ... just get it out of your system... indulge

honestly though if you cant get ride of it on your own and it bothers you(for some reason) you should do what i do which is take a sharp knife and stab a book you dont like. I stab a garfield book that i got when i was younger... if and when that does not work and if it really bothers you go to theropy i guess. personally i would never go(its for crazies) but hey we are diffrent people.

Go and play paintball or something so you vent your anger in a controlled environment/situation
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oh maybe its a from a buildup of hormomes since oddly you all say you work out.... thats odd... that u all brought that up...
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fight club...that's the answer.

seriously dude this works. me and my friends made one and we pick ppl to fight every saturday. it gets all the anger out and u stay friends cause ur not fightin for a reason jsut to blow off steam
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Scream something.

Songs work good.
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getting angry is good if you are in football. i'm in wrestling and i got really pissed off at the kid i was wrestling against at practice and had a HUGEEEE energy burst. after i murdered him in the match, i felt ALOT better. kinda exhausted and disoriented though for a while. having something like that to vent your anger is great. it doesn't help though that i have serious anger problems.
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You sound like Flanders, letting it all build up inside until you diddly-snap.

Listen to some hardcore.