Well, I'm a very thin dude, but my legs are a like "steak legs" or whatever. They're just have more muscle and all other than a lot of annorexic (sp) looking kids out there. Any idea how I can trim them a bit maybe and make them thinner?

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You are a guy. Men with skinny legs aren't normal. Embrace your legs.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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take a knife and trim the fat off ur legs u big fat walrus
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Stop Eating You Fatass!
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your thinking the wrong way
instead of trying to make your legs smaller to fit into the skinny
simply blow up everyones eyes around so that your legs seem skinnier in comparison

or jog alot
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since they have more muscle (and not fat like everyone else here seems to think) exercise really wont make them any skinnier; in fact it would probs make them more muscular. really the only solution is to use them less, but since that doesnt seem very feasible, i highly recommend accepting your legs the way they are
wear a dress and hide them.

works for me...
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stop caring.
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Worship your legs. I work out my legs more than any part of my body, and they're harder than rock.
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Why would you try and get rid of your legs? Just work out the rest of your body so that you'll be more physically proportional and more appealing to the ladies.
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I wish my body would stop ****ing growing. Clothes be expensive.

oh, become a vegan.
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Why would you try and get rid of your legs? Just work out the rest of your body so that you'll be more physically proportional and more appealing to the ladies.

This seems like the obvious course of action. Why make your legs match the rest of a chicken bone body? Get huge buddy!