Well, I mostly play things like Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, CCR, Santana, and artists such as those and I'm looking to get a few pedals. For an OD, I was thinking a Keeley Modded TS808/TS9. For the delay, I'm looking for something analog, a nice warm, natural delay considering I'm not looking for crazy effects. I was thing of a Keeley Ibanez AD9 or MXR M169 Carbon Copy. And for a wah, something along the lines of a Keeley Vox 87a wah. I've heard a few sound clips, watched a few videos of them, and they all seem pretty good. The music stores around me however don't really have a great stock of pedals, so I haven't been able to try any of them out.

My budget...Well, I'm gonna be saving up for these, but nothing over $300 for each.
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you might wanna use a Keeley modded BOSS Blues Driver like John Mayer. He has his on most of the time when playing as a sort of "tone enhancer" instead of "just an overdrive" (from what I've heard).
Anyone have an idea about delay? The Carbon Copy seems pretty nice, not too expensive, true bypass, analog, and pretty simple. For a delay, I'm just looking for some nice slap-back and nothing too crazy.
Yes, I know I shouldn't be bumping and stuff, but I'm hoping to have an idea of what other pedals I should try out tomorrow for it is the Memorial Day Sale.
the MXR CC is a nice analog delay. a bit bright compared to other analog delays though, but its still great.

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The Keeley is Very Nice.
For Delay I'd recommend the Malekko Bright or a DMM if you want Analog. Nova Delay if digital.
For a Wah I would recommend the RMC picture wah.
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I really don't think I need the DMM or Bright considering I'm just looking for a simple delay with some nice slap-back. But I'll try and look into the RMC Wah.