I've always had my bass pretty high up and treble down a bit when I've done sweeps, but I want some suggestions of amp settings that are pretty high on treble but where it doesn't overwhelm the actual specific notes.

Also, if you could tell me some specific triad arpeggios that make it easier to to it cleanly?

Thanks to all (in advance)
I find it best to turn up mids and lower the treble a bit and the bass a bit more.
Sorry, I meant a more distorted way but not have the notes all jumbled up. Thanks though.
Quote by Atomic48
I find it best to turn up mids and lower the treble a bit and the bass a bit more.

i agree, thats how i have my settings.
I find for any technique (especially soloing techniques)
that= middle high, treble LOW (I have mine on 1 for example). and bass at 5-8 (not to much, but not to little).
Oh yeah, and if you have presence, I have that high too, and suggest you'd do the same.

The thing about more bass (neck p-ups) for sweeps, I find completely untrue. While they may sound alright, I think that in a band situation, if you want them to be heard, go bridge.
Neck to me is more for rythm while singing, or cleans, or slow playing or maybe a place where you KNOW you will be heard.

This to me makes a really clear tone, that cuts through very well in a band situation, + it sounds good with a decent (or good) tube amp.

Actually, you don't need that much distortion.
I normally go by enough distortion that I can smack the harmonic on the 2nd fret with my ringfinger on my left hand, and hear it clearly.
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