my lower back hurts alot (lower left) and it feels like a pinched nerve or something and its been like that for about a year and sometimes when im sitting down that entire area of my back just goes numb. wtf does that mean?
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The almighty Pit > A Doctor

The almighty Pit thinks you should eat more cabbage!

seriously see a doctor if it hurts

+1 cool point.

I think I can go to bed after reading that. I'm satisfied now.

Night pit.
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It means you are about to start cumming blood or that you are gay.

According to my flatmate whom is a nurse.
Get that **** checked out. Could be a tumor or something pinching a nerve.
It means you should see a doctor.

UG is not WebMD.
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As a certified doctor of UG i am authorized to ask you if, by any chace, are you cumming blood?
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it means you should go to the doctor and try to cop a script of either OCs or Somas. preferably the OCs
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ya uhh i just hope its not a tumor. what are the chances of that. i mean i dont think it is cuz its just been the same pain and it started when i was playing football and i got hit quite a few times. and i was also diagnosed with skoliosis so it might have something to do with that
u should seriously see a doctor asap...nothing funny about possibly being paralyze :\ right?
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ya i agree but its been over a year and its just the same thing. a little better maybe. hopefully its just a disc or somethin