Saw one of these locally... can't seem to find much about them online. There is a site called guitarsale.com that has some listed for just under $2000, but that's all the info I can find.

Does anybody know anything about these? The price was $1400 and it was a nice sounding guitar. Gonna play around with a few other models and brands, but any info on this one would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, I hope!
as far as my personall experience koa as a tone wood is very hit and miss it is always beutiful to admire (much like an all maple guitar) but the sound is either in a catogory of you love it or hate it . i would deffinitly play it first and make your best judgement in regards to wheather it is the right guitar for you or not. as far as build quality it is a gibson and they take pride in their work and are a reputable guitar manufacturer by all standards of quality but only your eyes have seen the guitar in question and only you can make the call of wheather its up to par or not. good luck \

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