I have been playing guitar for ages and only just now i have stopped getting lessons and i have flatlined. I have not gotten any better even though i try to play everyday, if anything im getting a whole lot worse at guitar!
Help me please! What do i do now?
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Collaborate with other musicians, doesn't matter if they're guitarist or not, you have a thing or two you can learn from anyone.

Try playing in different genres of music, don't just limit yourself to one or two things

Practice practice practice
Im getting lessons from a new teacher starting tomorrow. I want to learn some full songs with solos and i want to learn lead guitar and some fast playing. Should i just say thats what i want to learn?
Legend LP
Nylon Acoustic
Legend 10D Amp
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How long is "ages" exactly?
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yeah jam or take lessions. playing in front of someone will force the best outta you.
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