hello all, my name is jym. i have been playing guitar for a number of years ( close to 25) but layed off for about a decade. while still having my guitar and a practice amp i have picked around on it from time to time. well im starting to want to play again and bought a cheap, older effects board ( zoom 707II). my main problem i guess is the instruction manual. is it me or does it never really explain how to adjust anything? it tells you basic functions like how to push the pedal lol. or how to use the tuner and mute but not at all on how to dial in sounds. all of my "distortions" sound alike. does any body have any help with playing with this thing and getting a deeper distortion or overdrive outta it? any good info is appreciated. please dont waste your time with the "it sucks get this" or " i had one and it sucked". please keep it informative and possitive lol.

my gear
mid 80s peavey patriot- factory super ferrite passive double in neck position
emg hz h3 in the trem position
peavey audition 20 set to clean

of course the zoom 707II

i just got back less than 2 hours ago from the gwar 20th anniversary show so i may not respond till later. as for what type of sound im lookin for "generally" a deep full distortion. i am trying to get the deep tones close to gwar of course, meshuggah, slayer, c. corpse, sepultura. the good chug stuff with the abillity to play high at times and sound good and not going the route of 7 string. i would like to keep a standard tune also since i play a variety of crap.

thank you so much for your time and i look forward to hopefully adding to the knowledge of this forum.

jym ellis
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i figured it all out! thanks guys lol. its an awesome pedal for under 30 bucks shipped to my door. lots of sounds and stuff to play with. the internal memory and ability to just hit a button and record my own rythem to loop and play to is awesome! if any body gets one and needs some help lemme know, i will be glad to share what i have learned! this little toy has really re-hashed my want to play my guitar again.