stereo how? Like each pickup goes into a different channel? Or what?

We need more info. Quite frankly, I have no idea as to what you want. Please tell me
a stereo jack instead of amono
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im currently doing this with the guitar im building. there are two ways to do this. you can either design your guitar to have ricko sound, which is the older style used by some models of rickenbacker, or the single jack style.

there are two jacks in the rickenbacker style, a stereo and a mono. you can only use one or the other. you can get a bunch of wiring diagrams off the rickenbacker website as to how to do this.

the other way is by using one stereo jack and an on off switch. the on off is used to just disable one of the connectors in the jack. this link shows a similar way of doing this. last diagram.


unless you are using the on off method, you MUST use a stereo cable. otherwise one of the signals get sent to ground and you lose one of the pickups.

i suggest using the on off methed with a push pull pot. i would also use a stereo cable and make yourself a converter box. this box would be a single stereo in and 2 monos out. this allows you to send 2 mono signals to 2 different amps. you can also on the same box make a third mono outout that is both stereo channels. so you can use a single amp with both pickups.

enjoy, goodluck and please updaye on your progress.
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come on....it can't be that hard

yes 'Someone' does.

1 - go to the rickenbacker guitars website
2 - find one of their models that is stereo capable
3 - find a schematic for that model (on that SAME site)
4 - wire according to that.
5 - ?????????
6 - PROFIT!!!
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