I'm looking for a delay pedal

I'm told to look for one that has at least 400ms (too me that almost sounds like the minimum) and 'long echoes' whatever that is...
anyway i'm a noob on this subject and I was wondering what others thought.

T.C.Electronics Nova Delay, if you can afford it. Its superb to all other digital delays. It goes up to 2250 ms i think (or 2500). Check my profile for a picture if you're interested. If you want better than that, youre looking at +500$ boutique analog delays.
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electro harmonix DMM
MXR carbon copy
boss dd-20
boss dd-7 or 6

theyre the most popular delays around although there are pleanty that are better (and more expensive) these are industry standard.


+1, I love my DMM, best pedal I've ever used.
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the new MXR Carbon Copy sounds amazing. There is a demo on youtube covering a lot of settings, sounds sweet. The new Boss DD-7 sounds cool too.
+ 1 on the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, amazing, but pricey. I would look into the new boss digital delay and the line 6 Echo Park.
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Nova Delay, sounds like TC's studio stuff, no mean feat!
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