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post an australian metalcore or hardcore band. IN the end we'll see how many Australian peole actually no.

i'll start.

Her Nightmare (hardcore)
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never see tomorrow
check it out on myspace aye
there pretty decent
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not my favourite but

I Killed The Prom Queen

+1, think ill go listen to them now
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... wow...
The only Aussie metalcore/hardcore bands I can think of are Parkway, IKTPQ, The Red Shore, and Carpathian and Parkway's definitely my fav of those
Parkway Drive
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well, green day was at woodstock. so they are classic rock! i told you!
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Australia has a great seen

Jack Napier
Her Nightmare
Worlds Apart
Miles Away
50 Lions
The Broderick
Jungle Fever
I Killed The Prom Queen
Five Star Prison Cell
Parkway Drive
xWish For Wingsx
My Afterthought (RIP)
Pro Team
The Dead Walk!
The Red Shore
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I Killed The Prom Queen and Parkway Drive.


██ ██
██ ██
██ ██

Take Note
THIRD STRIKE (check these guys out)
xThe Warx
Break Even
50 Lions
Confession (crafters new band)
Deez Nuts (JJ - Drummer from IKTPQ)

we have some sweet hardcore over here
check them all out
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no way out!
get into them there amazing
one of there songs are on my profile
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jack the giant killer
the last to be killed
school girl knife fight

im noit gonna repeat the others
For everyone who mentioned Deez Nuts...

If you're not Biohazard, you not allowed to be a rapcore band.
im back

never see tomorrow
take note
third strike
50 lions
prom queen
hand of mercy
Deez Nuts
The Red Shore
Break Even
Amity Affliction
Confession (crafters new band)
Vegas in Ruins
Shipwrek AD
The Broderick
her Nightmare

thats all i got for now
check them all out
might have some more soon

Aussie Hardcore FTW (Y)
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Thy Art Is Murder.
The Red Shore.
The Bride.
Curse At 27.
They Shall Fall.
Swimming With Sharks.
Till Death Do Us Part.
you will fight death as you slowly realize...
How come so many people wet their pants over Parkway Drive and I Killed The Prom Queen? I can't believe I turned Kid D off to check them out. Also, has anyone mentioned No Apologies? They're probably one of my favorites along with Miles Away (from Australia that is).
^^true dat.

Love...Like Electrocution, not hardcore, but i don't care, they're still really really good.
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I never knew Parkway Drive were Aussie. =o

Behind Crimson Eyes.
I have no idea if they fit into 'hardcore or metalcore' but I used to like them when I was younger. Apparently they are pretty good live too.
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I mentioned both.

And it's all opinion. Metalcore will always be more popular with the kids than hardcore.

I saw that a few people had said something about Miles Away, but I must have missed No Apologies (although my brain is bogged down by flu symptoms). Anyways, it's too bad so many kids on here are so taken by metalcore, they're missing out.
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