Sorry i dont know if this is the right forum.Ok so over the past 6 months ive been mixing demo's for my band. I use Adobe Audition 3. And i always have this problem. The sound isnt wide it isnt stereo. Like my bandmate said "It sounds like the sound is coming from a tiny asshole". So i tried to put the final mix in two tracks then pan them to diferent sides leave a 0.00000005 ms () pause betwen them but then one of the tracks is louder then i tried to play with the pan knobs but it sounds like ****. So help me almighty UG how to make it sound like from a huge asshole even though i am.
pan the drums slightly and the guitars more. Leave the vocals, bass and kick drum in the centre.

Panning the mix down is a good idea, not the time delay though! it will only be noticable because each side will be out of sync.

also try some reverberation because that will come through both speakers regardless of the panning on the specific track.
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double record the guitars, one panned left and one right this makes a thicker harder sound.
[pan the kit just like its located in real life if u no what i mean

EQ, it will and try that

Yeah probably two guitars would be good
Are you using the same Guitar track and then artificially double tracking them by moving one slightly, because actually double tracking them helps alot.

Because if your doing the whole track, you`l lose clarity of the whole mix.

Also, try any Stereo Enhancer plug-ins if you have any.
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You might also try different head phones or speakers when you're
master mixing.
Maybe adjust the world EQ of the mixer.

yeap cloning tracks helps thicken the treble sound some.
Sometimes the bass will drown out the treble...so you don't hear the
bass because of the frequency of your speakers.
if you turn up the guitar or treble it'll just get distorted.
when you play it back on a system or speakers with a wider frequency
the bass will be too loud.

you can also try bouncing the track that's a bit muffled after you clone it.
trun the treble down a little bit. Record it on the bounce at a higher volume
or gain to give it a little punch.
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