where is it?
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i love green day,sure they're mostly power cords but for begginer,good they are
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where is it?
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kinky = using a feather , perverted = using whole chicken.

Where is it?
TO = used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from

TWO = the number 2

TOO = in addition; also; furthermore; to an excessive extent or degree
Where is it?
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Good cover. The vocals were excellent and both the high and low parts were well done. They were on key and fit well with the song. Guitar work was good too but I guess it's not the hardest song ever. It was a little fast but overall very nice job.
oh wow, your voice was pretty on target, good job ha.
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thanks, i dont know why it has so much lag, on my comp its fine but when it goes up on you tube it just fcuk's up.
I like the higher/louder singing a lot better than the lower/quieter spots. Thats all I can really say, it was pretty decent and I see a lot of potential for you two as a band.
i love blink, and that was really good, you got a good voice man.
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ye i think the guitar was a bit too loud in the 1st verse, and voice not loud enough, but in the song the 1st verse is sung in that sort of way so.
critting as i listen...basically your voice sounds good but you need to project more in the beginning cause i cant here you...when you finally do sing louder you're trying to hard to sound like blink-182...so try to sound like yourself more...good though
ye i think thats the thing sometimes us brits try to sound american lol.
Watch your pitch, especially in the lower register. Overall it was pretty good though. I think with some practice and a better way to record you two could do a really good version of that song.
I liked your voice, just needs some tweaking in small spots. The guitar was pretty much spot on, just needs to be slowed down a tiny bit. It would give this song the more ominous, slowed down, spooky feel that I get when I listen to it if you slowed down some. But great job overall.

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