Hey, this is my first ever original song, it's not quite finished but any crits would be welcome. The choir aahs are the vocals by the way. No lyrics yet.


ps be honest
Fourteen take 2.zip
no offence, but it was really boring. and the drums need some snare in the loud parts, seriously. dont try to copy the white stripes. and the c note in the vocal line sounded a bit out of tune. but overal iit wasn't bad. just...add a middle 8 or something...
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It is very generic, but it is ok for a start. It needs some work, specially the drums. You should add some bass to make it more interesting too.

If you want people to like your songs, you have to make them interesting, try not to repeat riffs, or at least add some variations between them, and you should try to go beyond powerchords, otherwise it gets boring really fast.

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