Hey guys, i have a cheap Zoom 505II guitar effects pedal, and think its time to upgrade.
I'm looking at a budget of around the 100 quid mark, max 150 quid, and want a wide variety of tones and options to mix my own.

Any suggestions?

Oh and i play all subgenres of rock/metal, mainly lead guitar, Steve Vai, John Petrucci kinda stuff.

EDIT: removed post, someone else will be able to be much more useful :p
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look into the digitech rp series

the rp50 can give you nearly any effect you could imagine with a bit of playing around. you can get them for about £60-£80 now a days as well.
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well i play all rock and metal, mainly lead guitar, but i would like to be able to do some rythm as well.

As for the budget, i'm not sure about that, but i would want a good ampfor my preferences.
Not Bugera, there's been a couple of threads on how cheaply they're made. But +1 for the Peavey Valveking. You might wanna get an overdrive for it though.
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If you have a rack then Behringer has this rack mounted Vamp unit that does all sorts of neat stuff. I don't remember the price on it, but I know it wasn't too expensive.
Definitely a new amp. It's a better choice, you won't get digital tones, and you'll be able to gather around some money and get your favorite effects down the road(single pedals are so much better than cheap multi effects pedals)