Heya. I recently heard the song Let's Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats. I thought that it seemed like a pretty cool song, although it may have been taking away from a very good oldschool music group. And so I had a look through the lyrics on this website where people could comment on the song, and after what I read I feel a need to go on a rampage and complain to people. Bear in mind this is quite serious, by the way.

Well on this website, I was shocked. There were people saying how they liked this song, which is okay. Then there were people who didn't like this song, who were telling those that enjoyed it and the members of The Wombats to go and take their own lives.

Sure, music can be a big part of people's lives, and it's common for people to be protective of their music, but it isn't right for someone (or in this case, several people) to go and commit suicide for liking a song. I just think that too many people have gone too far when it comes to their music passion if they feel it's right that they should say these things to people. What do you reckon?
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Its a common part of life, its the same with sport, art or anything else where a comparison can be made. I think people do take things too far with music, but you have to accept it's their opinion if you want people to accept yours. Now i personally do not like The Wombats or infact most bands of their genre, but i wont go and tell people they should die for liking it, as im sure a few people here have had a stereo-typical chav-type person come up to them and make innapropriate comments on their choice in music. It's something we all have to live with, but equally something we must accept and then get on with our lives
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yes, it's sad that people aren't tolerant of others' thoughts, and this extends to more serious contexts. but realistically, most people that say that don't mean it, and even if they did, those on the receiving end clearly wouldn't take their advice. it happens.