i only checked it out for the shiny toy guns reference and yes i can see it, very impressive music.

just the kinda stuff that is good for snowboard films
cheers man

any more comments?

we are nearly at 30k views already after only a couple of months
Hah, I actually liked it. You guys are good. I like the vocals. I see the references, haha. Good job.
I liked it. Great vocal melodies, composition, lyrics, singing, everything was great. If you don't mind me asking how did you promote your music to get over 600 plays today?
pretty ace. I'm loving the accent.

Have you guys pursued a contract at all? Because you should totally get signed.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.
That's really good actually. Not a music expert or anything, but I do know I wouldn't mind hearing more.
i haven't listened to the music yet (my computer is being retarded) but i must say that that band name just owns on so many levels
We've dressed up in our best...

...and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.

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