so yesterday i got a valveking 112 and i was wondering if i should get any pedals to go with it. i basicaly know nothing about pedals and am really confused. any help would be appreciated.
well it would help to get your basic sounds like distortion and chorus, things like that if your gonna go down the single effects route, depending on what type of player you wanna be you might want some unusual sounds and combos, if so I would advise things like Delay, phasers, synths and wah but if you wanna keep it simple look for tone and different types of distortions to help you achieve a sound.
Multi effects pedals are worth a look to and are good for experimenting like the digitech Rp or Bp series and boss have a few out aswell, but there are other companies that do some good ones so this a route you should consider, most of all i'd say just try out everything until something sounds good.
what kind of stuff do you play?
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