I love the bass line, with the eerie but nice sounding clean guitar tone, nice amount of vibrato on it not to much but just noticable.

the ideas and structure of the song, with the added instruments create a very large bass and wall of sound with my ears trying to listen into everything that is going on. which in part is keeping me entertained

the solos sound good. the synthy sort of wah is a cool effect

so many things are going on but it isnt sounding cluttered, cause it still flows well

overall this is a great piece of music and it sounds very well done so kudos to u
i love your solo tone, and of course the bass. really nice work man, i agree with everything Martindecorum said.
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man that was awesome!!!

its so relaxing and flows so well.

The drums were simple, but it fit so well. Nothing fancy, just keep the beat.

Guitar and bass were outstanding.

Just outstanding

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Thanks so much. Yeah, drums aren't my forte so I usually just attempt to keep a solid beat as best as I can. I just obtained a 1967 Traynor bass stack so Bass is getting some extra attention these days!
I dig the tremolo in the beginning and your use of other effects. The solo is cool. The bass has a groove, but could have more "punch" (maybe it's just the recording process). The drums are simple, but fit the song nicely. Your solos are really tasty! I really can't think of anything to improve with this , you keep things interesting this is a really good piece of art!

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Thanks ledzepfreak. For some reason your link isnt working for me so I just clicked your name. Listened to Ocean of Angels. I liked it, very floydish sounding. 2 track recording? Nice job. Keep up the good work!
very soulful!
and you did all of the instruments? thats just even better!
Hats off to you man!
I really digg the feel of this tune, very chill and very funky. I think the snare drum was a tiny bit too harsh in the high mids for my taste (maybe around 1600Hz/3150Hz.) I agree with ledzepfreak94 that the bass could be a little more punchy, perhaps a tiny bit of compression on the bass could help with that. The guitar solos were very sweet, very tastefully done. Overall good work!

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Thanks!! I used my new custom suitcase amp for all of the guitar parts and my Ibanez AG75 hollowbody guitar.
I like it, its a great bassline and i think you did a good job with the other layers of instruments. its got good dynamics and flow.
damn man, i just have to say i REALLY dig this! so chill, yet funky and it means business the title really sets the mood for me, i love it. got no critiscism about it really, sounds great overall. maybe some cleverly placed face melting licks would sound cool though?
Yeah it is missing the facemelter! I wasn't in that frame of mind at the time though. Thanks for the crit.
Aight jay. whats up. Thanks for the crit. Loving the bass, very groovy! (which i could do basslines like that haha). Drums sound good, effects are good on the guitar. Give the song a watery feel. Not in a bad way though. Overall pretty groovy. I enjoyed listening to it. Nice work
this is an awesome jam. sounds like a fun progression to improvise to. What's your solo inspiration? I like how the solo guitar is panned left and rhythm is panned right and there's ambient guitar licks in the background. Pleasant to listen to.

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i dont think a facemelter would fit at all, i like this better because it doesn't have a facemelter. Its just a psychedelic jam. I love it, sounds pretty floydish, something that would come from dark side of the moon. great sounding recording. do you use sm57 for guitar?

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No, I wish I had an SM57. I use fairly cheap Samson mics for recording all of my parts. Thanks for the crit!
That was pretty amazing.
One thing though. The deadened notes in the right-side rhythm were kind of iffy with me. You might want to think of a way to make them more subtle..

Other than that, I don't really have anything.

Good recording, good mixing, great playing.
Sorry for the delay of the return crit. My computer died! Fixed now though.

EDIT: james_het, your link doesn't seem to be working?
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Guitar's have great tone, and the bass isn't too bad either, but could probably use more bottom end. When the song goes into a quiet portion, the bass doesnt really change with it. The drums could use some work mixing wise, but I'm guessing you don't have the luxury of close micing each drum. crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=15125224#post15125224
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Thanks. Yeah I only have 2 mics so thats about the best I can do at this point with the drums. Thanks for listening!