generally, they're laminated, or otherwise together, so i'd reccomend just grabbing a can of plastic spray paint (Kryloin Fusion works really well, from experience) and doin'er yourself.


Its pretty easy to buy a solid color pickguard. And no you cant seperate the layers. You can but in pieces.
Get one off the web then, i don't get why you'd want to interchange them, as you'd have to take your strings, pickups, pots etc off every time. It'd be too much hassle.

Just buy a black one from like stewmac or search on google for one.
Quote by vigenharutyunya
well i thougth if it's possible to take it.. than i'll be able to get the black one without buying anything.. that was just a thought

Unfortunately not, can't split em.
If your skilled, cheaper option would be to cut your own, but some skill required too make them look good.
So for a black pickguard, either paint the current one, or buy new one. only options.