recently I've been trying to write some 1 and 2 finger tapping riffs but I'm confused as to which frets i should use. Is there like a certain idea or template used for writing tapping riffs or is it completely random?
Play what sounds good to your ears. There is no such thing as a "template" for music, although if you wanted to start somewhere you could pick a certain scale. Good luck!
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arpeggiate chords.
if on your B string you play

12p9p5 12p9p5 You are arpeggiating a E chord.

Take a key and take the chords that fit in them and do this to them.
Heres a tapping thing I wrote that is just arpeggiating chords

repeat each 4 times:

         Am          G         Am      Dm           A m      G        F#m     D 

This does not fall in any key, but you would have to make it if you were in a band situation with backing intruments.
So put some chords together than arpeggiate them tapping, it sounds good to me.
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