It's 10% off all items except Apple and others like that.

I went there yesterday to buy a guitar, told them I would pick it up on Monday for the sale, the manager came over and told me she could give me the 10% yesterday.

So take whatever you want to buy, subtract 10% before tax, and then add tax, and that's how much you will pay.

My Epi LP Standard Plus was $549.99 new, and I walked out with it for $533.35
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10%? that's the biggest sale of the year? we got some serious haggling to do (i hope)
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They give about $5 off and that's it. Save the Black Friday sale, they're ALL like that.
I think the huge sale is like the labor day sale at the beginning of the school year where they've got great deals on floor models and stuff.

But i think i'll go there tomorrow and check it out to see what kind of deals i can get.
lol and the big thing of the sale is to get rid of their refurbed and scratched up stuff.. those usually are a good amount cheaper..