anyone in Ontario or Quebec going to harvey's today for their free burger? i usually don't go to harvey's but, hell, free food! got any stories about free food(or perhaps stolen)? tell em!
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damn, i could do with a free hamburger...
stupid england.

Yeah, once me and some mates were snowboarding in austria, on this glacier in a huge valley in the mountains, and at the end of the day the lift up to the station to get down broke, and to apologise we could take anything we wanted from the canteen

all the locals got like a sandwich and went and sat down,
but we were like **** that and grabbed all the booze and like 50 of these awesome chicken wings and a ****e load of chips. We regretted it later, but it was the best day ever
snowboarding and free food and booze!
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One time at Chipotle, the register broke so they gave me and my friend our burritos and drinks for free. 'Twas quite awesome...
Oh, thanks for reminding me about this!

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That's today? Well I guess I know what my plans are this afternoon.
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damn, i could do with a free hamburger...
stupid england.

me too. me throat feels crap and i can't cook.
We had one Harvey's in my city. It was shut down. Shame
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I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
we had free ben&jerry's few months ago


I got change for £20, even though I only paid with a £5 note at Burger King once.
The other day me and my friend went into McDonald's, and asked for two double cheeseburgers. I gave my friend a pound coin, and he gave the woman both pound coins and 50 pence. He realised it was too much and said "Oh, sorry, could you give me the 50p back?" and she gave him the 50p and the two pounds, then our food and asked for the next customer.
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One time at Chipotle, the register broke so they gave me and my friend our burritos and drinks for free. 'Twas quite awesome...

Another time at Chipotle, they had just opened a restaurant in Harvard Square, so they gave everyone free food.

Me and a buddy skipped last period, drove down there, waited outside in the rain for an hour, got our free burritos, and feasted like KINGS.

'Twas quite awesome...
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i went to a museum and there was a table and under the table was food and drinks
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I've never gotten anything like you guys, but I pocket so many haribo, koppaberg, and "taste the difference" cookies from Sainsburys.

Theres this home bargains abuot 20 min walk from here too, and the cameras don't work and there are no sensors on the doors. I've took soo many sweets from there, ipod speakers, condoms, football pump, kite etc.

But I'm a betetr man now and haven't stole in about 2 months.
****, I would if there were some in British Columbia.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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