So I've got a guitar and its body is lacquered. I used to have this strap but it was killing the lacquer. So currently I have a nylon crappy one.

I'm quite worried my guitar will drop, as it has done before but I've managed to catch it in time.

What should I get? Is there any leather strap or something that would avoid that? Or is a strap lock the only way to go? Also, won't a strap lock modify the tone quite a lot?

What strap locks should I get? I don't want to waste a lot of money, but if it means safety for guitar, I'll pay whatever needs to be paid.

Thanks for reading this long post!
I paid $30 Canadian for a set of Schaller straplocks and don't worry about my stuff at all.
Grolsch make bottles of beer with red rings securing the bottle cap, these red rings also happen to be excellent strap locks that require no modification at all to your instrument and since technically your buying the bottle for the beer, they're free!!!
Just get yourself some Schaller Straplocks. Your guitar will never come off, and no they won't affect your tone at all.
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