hey has anyone seen and/or played the 2 new epiphone models , they look really fast

the second one i think is a remake of an older modle called the futra, and obviously has its roots in the explorer body type, but im not sure if thye play all that well, anyone know if they do
I think the Explorer one is pretty damn nice and very good value judging from the specs though I've not had chance to play one yet.

That other one... *shudder*
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The futra is an amazing guitar. I have played it many times, and I think my bandmate is going to get one on sale monday at Guitar Center!
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Why would someone willingly create something as ugly as the Prophesy


I'm actually upset about that, wow.
Is that an OFR? If so, Goddamn.
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the prophecy isn't exactly a new model. It looks like a coronet with active pickups and the other one looks like a retarded explorer.

hardly new or groundbreaking
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Oh this series of guitars could have been great. but no.

The Explorer would have been awesome but they screwed it up completely by changing the front horn. Retards.
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I really like the first one i have to play it i would like it to own if i liked it that was.

(made no sense)
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The EM is an oooooooolllllld model.
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