Well i need an electric acoustic for a show in two weeks. The only problem is i don't have enough money for one, and i really don't like acoustic electrics. I was considering putting a microphone in front of my acoustic, but it seems impractical because of feedback problems. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good acoustic pickups. I'm willing to spend around 100-150 dollars because I will probably be using it for shows more frequently.
k&k sounds underbridge transducer is an optoin in your price range. i personally use and enjoy the pickup gives a superrealistic sound and requires only a half inch hole for the endpin preamp that is supplied with the kit.
you would most likely need a preamp of some sort however a simple overdrive pedal with the gain turned way down would deffinitly suffice. the pickup is quite loud on its own just might not be enough.
as far as micing goes try to play sitting down and point the mic at the 12 fret that will help with the feedback. the real trick is keeping the sound consistent by keeping your guitar in the same place any closer or farther away will be noticed also pointing it up or down as you play, just some things to consider.
there are also cheaper alternatives like soundhole pickups that can be installed quickly however they are not the most accurate representation of the acoustics sound. also they make higher end soundhole pickups as well that are better but they may be out of your price range perhaps the used market could help there.

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