I just put one on layaway, I'm pretty sure i will buy it. I thought it sounded really nice with my J-bass. I'm surprised that it's new and not used, it's pretty much been in this store for a couple years, i know that this amp is discontinued. Any thoughts on this amp?
while i can't speak for the amp specifically i highly recommend peavey myself. i've owned 2 combos(a 60watt 12" and a 130watt 15") and i now use the vb-2 all tube bass head. great quality in sound and craftsmanship. if you liked the sound there's nothing else to worry about. this amp will last a lifetime as long as you treat it right. i broke the 130 watt combo but it was my own stupidity and it was not at all the amps fault.
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I've got a MAX 450. Its a good amp, especially since I got it for ridiculously cheap. IMO It doesn't really seem to colour my tone as much as other amps I've tried, but I guess that could just be because it sounds like the bass sound I hear in my head, so I get the impression that it is more transparent sound.