So I've gotten to the point that when I go to solo on faster jazz tunes that I can't play fast enough to create rhythmic variety in my soloing. Not being much of a shred person, I've never really thought about speed, but it's time that I work on building it up.

Any suggestions, exercises, etc to build up speed that some of you have had success with?
To build speed you need to play scales and various finger patterns very slow with a metronome. You just need to stay dedicated to playing slowly and absolutely perfectly. It's all about muscle memory. After you practice like this for about 3 weeks you'll notice an increase in your speed since your accuracy has increased dramatically.
play some thrash metal with all down strokes and that should help you.. or some fast paced blues songs
If you're into jazz then grab a lick that you're having trouble with and pull out your metronome. Take it slow and work you're way up. Unfortunately, there really is no magic bullet for speed and it can take a lot of time and practice to get really fast, especially if you're unfamiliar or simply not used to using the shredding techniques such as hammer ons, pull offs, and of course tapping. If you're planning on picking every not then the metronome will be your best friend. Just start slow and work your way up steadily. Maybe an extra 5-10bpm per day (adjust as necessary based on your skill). Don't kick it up if you can't play every note squeaky clean at the tempo you're already at.
i have one section from one song that will immediatly make you an all round better guitar player if you can play it up to speed. in john petruccis damage control, there is a section thats very very middle eastern sounding. the riff is on two strings, its very fast alternate picking and the fingering is somewhat complicated. i do it as a warm up before every show iplay
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play some thrash metal with all down strokes and that should help you.. or some fast paced blues songs

No. Don't do this.

As it's been said before, the metronome is your friend in this case, play a lick at a certain beat and when you can play it 5 times in a row without screwing up, increase the tempo with 5 bpm or something and play at that tempo until you can play it 5 times and so on.
play scales up and down over and over, all different kinds of scales, so that you start to see them and your fingers can move back and forth between modes without any confusion, then start doing them in thirds, ie, play a scale like: 1 3 2 4 3 5, etc, and then in fourths, then fifths, then 6ths
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Like everyone said, use a metronome, and start slow. It's not the best way to build speed, but it is the best way to build control. Starting slow and using a metronome is the easiest way to build control.

What you need to keep in mind is to not focus on increasing speed. I promise you that you can play as fast as you need to right now, it's an inability to control your playing at that speed that is limiting you.
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If you click the lessons 1 2 3 in my sig, those'll help. They go from the very basics up, so don't think I'm patronizing you. Secondly, for a jazz style, flexibility is a must as you play lines that are nearly never simple patterns moving up strings - so you have to create or learn exercises that require two handed flexibility. I strong recommend the "spider" lick at the end of my picking lesson (3). The number one thing for building pure speed is economy of motion, which you train with slow practice.