So I've decided on an amp, but now I need pedals.

I'm thinking I want a good reverb, which will be the EHX Holy Grail Plus, but I'm looking to go beyond that...

So, I play rock, classic rock, some blues, a little metal and sometimes just a mix of whatever. I want some ideas for what pedals I should get. I already have 2 BOSS pedals (DS-1 and SD-1) so I think they'll do, unless someone wants to tell me otherwise. So yeah, basically, just suggest what effects I should get and the brand you recommend most. I don't want to spend too much per pedal, as I know the EHX is slightly expensive.

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IMO, you should go for the Holy Grail Plus, it isn't much more expensive and they fixed the reliability problems and added more features
well a chorus pedal is always handy, so is a Wah. Then of course you can get an eq, delay, etc...

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all of these below.

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Spring is ''the'' guitar reverb (has a metallic tinge), hall sounds like playing in a concert hall (i.e. big and echo-ey), room sounds like a room (less echo than hall, sounds natural)
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Any particulars you can suggest?

Boss CE2 if you can find one, haha, CE7 is the current model for there Chorus?
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah, one of the best Wah's I've used.
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Alright thanks for the info on the Holy Grail.

I still am not sure if BOSS choruses are good. I've heard the pedals in general aren't that great so... if someone can second that or suggest an alternative, that'd be cool.