Has anyone ever played on (or owns) an ESP bass, particularly an AX-104 or AX-404
If so how do you like them? Any problems, etc
I'm thinking about getting a bass in the future
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As for ESP basses, they generally have a very 'metal' image. My personal feelings on them are that they are good basses, but I generally prefer the alternatives in the price range of all of their basses.
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I have an ESP bass, B-55 5 string. And an AX-50 guitar. They have a good sound if you have a good amp. My B-55 is a very basic shape, nothing flashy.
ESP Company motto:

"Well, we're not as bad as BC Rich..."

High end models from both companies are solid, but generally outclassed by similarly priced competitors.

Low end models from BC Rich are pretty much a guaranteed fail. Buying low end models from ESP is just more like playing roulette on a heavily biased table.

Without a ball.
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Well, they're not for everyone. And certainly not for everything! But, as a metalhead, my opinion is that their more expensive models are really really nice.

However, as a funky dude I'd recommend something more versatile. Like everyone else will.
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I've played a few (cant remember which models) and they were awesome

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