I just came back from the store, and the guy there set me up with these:


Both for about 1400$ (I live in Israel so the price might be a bit off because we have a crappy gov)

What do you guys say? Is that optimal for a complete beginner looking to play mostly metal? (And some classic rock but mostly metal)
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$1400 is too much for a begginer to spend, and ibanez = good guitars for beginner metal scheter also

Yeah he is right.
like I said, the prices are off because of the fact that I live in Israel. What would you guys recommend anyway, which ibanez? which amp?
In the States you can get that guitar for under 700$... And that amp is nowhere over 300$. Can't you get another type of guitar for metal? Try getting a Jackson, an LTD, an Ibanez, or a high end B.C. Rich... And a Cube 30 or a Marshall amp

Good luck
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As he said, he has a crappy government. I could see there being a problem getting equipment cheaper than what he paid, seeing as he lives in Israel, and as we all know, there is some state of unrest there. The guitar is decent, though.
That's not what I meant :P But whatever. What about the amp? The guitar is 1100$ while the amp is about 300$.

Oh, if I pay cash it's an extra 10% off, so that's 1260$.

Edit: I could propably get things shipped to my parents who live in Canada... So anything from places like Musician's friend, I could propably deal with..

I'd rather not reach the prices I was talking about here in Israel, but still have decent (even good) equipment for a beginner.

Thanks again!
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I could get a regular fender strato for 650 bucks here if the thing with my parents doesn't go through.. But I really want to know what about the amp.

What do you guys say about used guitars/amps?

For example: Relatively new Ibanez RG370DX + Roland Cube 30 for 750$ before bargaining.
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