I am stuck in a rut with the minor pentatonic scale. How can it be expanded, or varied? What are some other scales that I should work on.
Learn the full minor scale and the blues scale all over the neck, not just one or two positions. Learn the theory behind these scales and the major scale as well (use my sig).
To spice up pentatonic stuff, try throwing a b5 in the middle of it or maybe adding a b2 after you've done a run up one octave of it. Or just watch Melodic Control. Marty talks about how if you pass over a note out of key, it won't sound terribly off as long as you resolve properly. I'm simplifying the idea a lot, but try to work off of that.
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Try learning the Major pentatonic, neutral pentatonic.

As Troy and BGC said try inserting option notes.
There's also veriations of the Blues scale...b5 and natraul 7 inserted

Trying learning the major bebop, minor bebop.

After a while it might seem like you're doing chromatic..but not
if you stress or accent the notes of the pentatonic.

listen to different artist using the pentatonic and I guess copy
some of thier riffs.
Try picking the notes with your fingers.

If you insert the 2 notes back you'll get a full scale...but it depends
where you insert those 2 notes that will determind what scale it'll be.

if you insert the 2 and b6 back in the minor penta...you'll get aerolian mode.
If you play the aerolian with a natural 7th it'll be hanomic minor
if the play the aerolian with a natrral 6th it'll be dorian
if you play the aerolian with a b2 it be the phrygian

if you play the phyrgian with a natrual 3rd...it'll be phyrgian dominate
if you play the phyrgain dominate with a natraul 7th ...it'll be a double harmonic.lol

just keep on expanding.
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If you play from the 4th or D to D of the A min penta ...it's the neutral pentatonic.

It's the same if you play C to C of the A min..it's C major pentatonic.

it just takes a little while to get use to hitting the 2 instead of the b3rd
when starting a riffs or scale from the Amin.

lets say you decided to insert b2,b5,7 to help swing..it works nice
in the neutral pentatonic.

You probably heard riffs or phasing of it a million times from veriouse songs.

The main riff for the attitude song by steve vai is an example of using
those option notes. The songs still retains a bluesy feel even thou it's
almost chromatic.
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