Hey, I am going to be buying a new electric in the next couple of months but i need to know - are Danelectro guitars any good? I am thinking about buying a '59 Danelectro, the same sort as Syd Barrett played on some early Pink Floyd songs. Plz help me!!!!
what kind of music do you play?

thrash metal on that hollowbody would just limp out

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DanElectros are built for Surf and early rock and roll. Very good affordable guitars.
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i hear they're twangyer than teles too on the count of their aluminum nut. i really wanna get my hands on one too!
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They are excellent for slide and blues. And people will try to put you off by saying they're plywood. But it's actually a special ply specifically for tone. They have pretty decent sustain, and overall I just think they look really cool.
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besides peoples reservations about the wood they are made out of, they are pretty awesome guitars. i had one for a while and used it for bluesy rock n roll through a bad monkey with the gain all the way up into a raven amp and it did really good. there wasn't any howling like people talk about alot
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They're awesome guitars. You can say what you like about the wood they're made out of, but you can't argue with the awesome tone you get out of them.

You see so many people who could afford any guitar in the world playing them too, so that's testament to them I saw Beck using them not long ago too for slide and whatnot. Not to mention legendary user Jimmy Page.
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