Poll: Can you sweep pick?
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6 21%
I'm working on it.
12 43%
10 36%
Voters: 28.
Just like the title, i want to know about how many people took the time to learn to sweep well opposed to those who didn't.
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I've never tried, I rarely play with a pick. It's a technique I would like to add to my repertoire at some point.

For the most part this is me, although I do play with a pick.
yes i finally completed the 5 string. its not clean by any standards but i can do it at speed.
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There's like 2 other threads about this right on top of this one.
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Sweeping was quite easy for me to learn for some reason. I'm not any kind of shredder, though.
We're only strays.
I used to be able to 6-string sweep quite fluently abuot a year ago when I was into Paganini loads. Probably lost it abit, but I can 3-string sweep up an down no problem.