I'm trying to sell my Deluxe Players' Strat or trade it for an equal quality guitar with humbuckers to better suit my band. I put up an ad for the Strat and I got this reply:

Hey, I have a nice 1975 vintage vantage japanese les paul "ghost" full mahogany body with mahogany set neck and upgraded with some rare vintage Gibson Burstbuckers on both neck and bridge making this beast sound deadly.. with awesome clear coat stained wood finish.. played like a champ with some wear but nothing that affects the guitar with nice flat top and awesome weight (kinda like an SG).. selling it for $750.00 the vintage burstbuckers alone are about $450.00+ that's even if you can get someone that would want to tare out some nicely aged humbuckers off their old Gibbys...

Does anyone think that this Vantage Ghost is a rare catch/even trade for my Strat?
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