My Valveking 112 is broken. I turned the volume to max and the volume is still low! Anyone know what's wrong? Does this mean it's time to replace the tubes ?
yea. replace the tubes before you take it to someone to get repaired if it needs it. it should just be the tubes.
It could be something simple like the knob isnt turning the volume pot, try to pull it off and then turn up the volume.
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im a noob at tube amps, so should i change the preamp tubes or the power tubes? or all of them?
all of them just in case. Does your VK still have its original tubes?
and your amp is fixed bias, so you might wana take it to a music shop so they rebias your amp when the new tubes are set in.
just wondering, does ur amp have an effects loop? Because my windsor does, and i accidently hooked my pedals up in the wrong direction and my volume was stuck at a low volume until i reversed them. stupid.......yes i kno, but it might be the problem.
Could be several things. Your guitar could have a wiring issue. First try a different guitar. It could also be your cable, so test that too. Next, the tubes are also possible, but due to the cost of fixing them, check the easy stuff first. Now if you replace the tubes and it doesn't work... you have a serious problem.