hey, does anyone have any experence with mixing two amps together?

I've always wanted to have a hard rock sound mixed with a shinier/brighter sound.

i currently have a laney GH100L (great hard rock sound) and a Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 combo, i was thinking of mixing the two together for live shows.

Any tips or advise out there?

Also, i'm not sure the mesa boogie will deliver exactly what i want, so are there any sudjestions out there for me? I was thinking may be a Vox AC30 might give me the cleans i'm looking for.
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I would say a Fender would get you the cleans you want. They are notorious for their bright, super-clean sound.
I think an ABY pedal splits your signal into two amps.
And I think there's one which could send your signal in to 3 also.
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Listen to the album Fiction by Dark Tranquillity. Its a 5150 mixed with an ENGL powerball. Also, if you check out my band in my signature, we mixed 2 amps as well. An ENGL Invader and a 6505+
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