I figured this would be the best of all places to ask

Lately its come to my attention that it would be awesome to have a database of jazz standard backing tracks, there might already be one out there, so if any one knows of any sites that have 'em, post em

Else it would be rather interesting to maybe put some MP3's up in the sticky or something with different backing tracks for jazz standards
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If you knew the progressions to those songs, you could enter the chord changes into Band in a Box.

I couldn't recommend it enough really. It's a great resource to have. I'd say it's well worth the money for practicing jazz.

If you don't want to chip out the cash, you could learn the progressions and then go to www.wholenote.com and enter them into the "groove builder" to practice soloing over them.

I'm not sure of any actual premade jazz standard BT's. You could check out Guitarbt.com but i doubt they'd have many.
I'll 3rd Band in the Box. It's a great practice tool. I think it works best for Jazz
as the MIDI drums, bass and keyboard can sound decent albeit a bit sterile
(might depend on your MIDI options) as a backing. Much beyond that -- things like
guitar, sax ... -- it sounds pretty awful.

Just type in a chord progression and off you go.

Downsides: I don't think it's layed out all that well and it can be really really a
pain in the ass to figure out why it might not be doing what you want. It's got
a lot of knobs to frob and parameters to enter when you want to tweak it. The
content -- song styles and songs -- has a fairly haphazard layout and it might be
hard to find a style you want as there's a TON of them.
If you have contact at any of the music universities like Berklee or the New School Of Jazz, Hartt School etc, ask around there cuz theres some bootlegs of audio tracks of the real books floating around.
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