This is my first real recording. I do the guitar and the drums are courtesy of Drumkit From Hell. No bass unfortunately, as I don't have a bass and I couldn't find anyone to do it, so nothing I can do about it; I just upped the bass on the guitar and kick drum to try and fill it in. Enjoy!

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I liked it. Couple crits would be:

1) I realize that its just DFH and not a real drummer, but I would try and make the drums a little less monotonous. Perhaps you were going for a droning riff type thing, and I respect that, but for a 6+ minute song, I'd change the drums up a bit more.

Actually, thats about it. I thought it was pretty enjoyable. Try and put up another version if you could with bass, I think it would make it much better.
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Ditto on the drums. I think the kick may be mixed a little bass-heavy too.
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