im"ok" at guitar not the best but yet not the worst
i live in a small town so its kinda hard too get something productive going
only a few in my school (im in 9th grade) play guitar but ive heard them and i would
rather not play with them cause well ...they suck
i live near Austin Texas but thats really hard to get too when ur a minor and cant get a ride there.
need help any suggestions would greatly be appreciated
Why do you need other ppl to start a band??
As a young musician it's cool to start with a nice solo-project to get into songwriting and recording - just check my project out HERE!

Yes, I started it 3 years after my main band but thinking back, it would have saved a lot of time if I started it before my real professional band BLED DRY.

My whole recording gear costs less than 500 dollars (guitars, amps excluded of course haha) so start with that!

It helps you to make progress with your playing and finding yourself as an artist - and it's great to invest time in that before you're able to move into a better area and build up some skills for your music career!

Use myspace, use youtube, use all kinds of platforms!

If you have some questions feel free to ask me

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Yeah- i fooled around with solo stuff as well until opportunity struck (which took about a year... then i met a guy who wanted to start a band as well and we hit it off and he knew some other guys... things went from there). You will have a chance to start a band later when the time is right. Just do what Betray-Bleed says. The more stuff you write, the better you will get at writing and playing and when opportunity finally hits, you will be really good at what you do.