...has a rosewood neck, and a skunk stripe on the back. surely they rout the truss rod cavity then fix the fretboard on, so no need for the stripe.

so why do i have it on a non maple neck bass?


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could be composed of cheap wood (...MIM anyone?), could be cosmetic.

I doubt the fact that you have a rosewood neck has anything to do with it. I'm going to go ahead and guess its the same on maples as it is on rosewoods.

Or, perhaps, not. Perhaps the wood they use for MIM jazz's truss rod's are always maple or something, and hence why you have a stripe.

but.. I doubt you'll find your answer here, unless you suddenly bash the neck in to figure it out and decide to post all about it. could be wrong lol.
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i just figured they'd only put them on maple necks because the neck and fretboard is one piece and you cant make the cavity before applying the board
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all maple necks are not one piece with the fretboards. there are tons of maple necks with rosewood fretboards. in fact i've never seen a bass where the neck and fretboard are one piece of wood. I'm pretty sure even if the neck and fretboard are both maple they're seperate pieces of wood.
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