With this, I'll definitely take the award for most original thread....

In two weeks time I'll be hitting the big 18, and Im looking to get some new gear, namely an amp. As Im poor, somewhere around £200-300 is my price limit.

Im currently using my Dad's Marshall JTM 30, and im playing a Gibson SG special. Im also into Classic Rock... Looks like Im living the cliche

Cheers in Advance
Classic Rock you say?

Peavey classic 30 ftw!

Unless you want something that can play more than just classic rock, in which case, Im gonna reccomend the usual. B-52 AT-112. Its amazing.

SO basically, for JUST classic rock, get the peavey. For the same great sound plus fantastic versatility, get the B-52.
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+1 to the classic 30 but that'll cost alot in england.

look into laney
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Ive got my BOSS ME-20 for effects, so its a bit more versatile... the peavey i can find for £385, which seems like a lot, anything reasonalbe by Marshall in that price range?
i hate marshall amps, alot. the laney mentioned above is rad as hell, totally perfect for any style. try the older peavey amps on ebay or something (triumph, ultra 60, classic tube series, etc.) anything tube from peavey in the past is pretty good, especially if you change tubes/speakers.
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