Hi, i'm "supposedly" in a band right now, but it's been a half a year, and we've only had a few band practices, the drummer doesn't even have his own drums, bass player hasn't written anything either because he "isn't happy with his squire bass" , and i'm the only one who's written anything. They're just some losers who like the idea of a band, but can't actually do their part. They don't realize it's just another job, but with fun benefits, you still have to work, it's not just an easy ticket out of life... and they just don't understand this, and i'm just sick of it!

i'm looking for some serious musicians, or at least someone wanting to have some fun in a band, because that's what it's really all about anyways... so, any takers.

(bass players, drummers, vocalist, keyboardist, even another guitarist... any lonely musician in southern alabama (Dothan area), i'm here!)

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well i play guitar
alabama is a ****ty state
i live in huntsville al
but i dont get a car until july 1
so pm me
uh i live in dothan and i have been playin 2 and a half years but how old r u. I mean you sound like you are like 18
^ oh, sorry, i rarely check this thing anymore.

i just turned 15, but thanks. so we're basically the same age

But im from bama too I have been playing guitar now for like 7 years Im 19 and ive been wanting to start a serious band for a long time now I live in Marengo county and there is nobody up here that is any good everybody either likes really sorry kinda music or just sucks at playing and thinks they are awesome
^ i know, alabama sucks for musicians. I've got the same problems. Like in my original post, that's all the musicians i can find... Except i saw one drummer that was kind of cool, but now i can't get a hold of him for anything.

i have no idea where Marengo county is, though, sorry. Best of luck to you though.

Yeah I love alabama and all but it doesn't have any thing like famous or professional teams or anything Marengo is right above Clarke county if you keep up with highschool football My school is pretty famouse weve won three state championships in the past 4 years 04 06 07 weve played gulfshores and bea them twice and stuff but eversince I started listening to nickelback I have wanted to start a real band and hopefully one day make it big I play guitar bass and drums though Im not real good at drums and I write my own songs like Im looking for a couple of bandmates that are good guys dependable and christians that I know wont be out partying everynight but its real hard tryin g to find anybody
awe, man... i feel for you.

I don't even care about finding christian bandmates anymore, just someone who won't be, like you said, partying every night. Trying to find christians, AND musicians in Alabama just makes it next-to-impossible, not that it wasn't ALREADY!

i just checked a map, Clarke county is a pretty good bit from Houson county...
uh... unless you like driving... i don't know about this.

We can still support each other, though! ;D

I'm trying my hardest to get a band together, i signed up to a forum for drummers (DrumDogs.com) and put up an add. Hopefully someone'll see it.

Yeah its to far to try to start something but I was just thinking we could just talk about how hard it is lol to find bandmates or discuss our favorite music I like anything from nickelback and 3 days grace to sevendust and soil shoot I listen to anything if it sounds good to me country rap as long as it sounds good to me lol but anyway thats about it I guess
I'm surprized i could even find THIS many people on this site that lived in Alabama.

Well, best of luck to you in finding people.

If i were you, i'd just put up a post in every forum i could find.

I'm trying to do that for drummer forums, but all i can find suck. The biggest one i found was DrumDogs.com, and at the bottom it said "Most Active Users At Once: ~258(or around that number)" So i'm probably gonna have no luck with that.

And about music, i really don't have a specific genre, i listen, mainly, to AFI, Underoath, The Almost, The Cure, Blaqk Audio, and Avenged Sevenfold. Not too broad, but yet not too one-genre with each other.