lee jackson sucks and wont give me the wiring schematic for the Stealth pedal... crate doesn't have the information anymore. any ideas? a channel switch and a gain 1/2 switch?

The tip of the cable controls channel, the ring does the gain, the sleeve is the ground. id be building the foot switch out of curly maple with an Ipe plate for the buttons to go into (super-hard wood). any ideas? i know how to solder, and wire guitars all day, just never worked with this before, doesnt seem like it would be too hard, and i dont think i can blow myself to bits wiring a foot switch, cant say the same for a tube amp.
itll be either...

when ring/tip is touching earth its effect is on/off

when it is earthed, then released it switches

effect switches whenever it is earthed, to switch back, it must be released, then earthed again

prolly one of those three, use SPST NC/NO or DPDT stomps as appropriate
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