alright i have 2 guitars for sale (both left handed)

first up a dicontinued douglas snow white randy rhaods knock off v w/ dbl locking lic. floyd rose and upgraded pickups (2 tom anderson h3's) with upgraded pots (push and pull pots one vol and other tone for humbucker split the toggle switch is a bit scratchy -offer

second up is a parts-o-caster with locking floyd rose and vintage cream color the body im pretty sure is a fender alder body and the neck came off my squire strat (aslo left handed)-offer


jekyll and hyde ultimate od (red)-sold

crybaby wah(orig.) it has the black sticker that says just crybaby while others have a silver tag and say original crybaby unit is good shape just some dust from not much use basic of basic -offer

i have also a classic crybaby with a power supply up for trade or sell if (only good price) get a vox wah with true bypass mod ill trade both pedals (crybabies) or just the classic plus some cash

paypal only ! pics will be available weds.
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what kind of wah is it? the first wah
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the only guitar im interested atm is a black jackson dk2l pro with h/s/s configuration at a good price,rocktron velocity 300,korg dtr 1000 plus cash on all except the jackson
how much for the Jeykll & hyde?
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