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30 77%
9 23%
Voters: 39.
Quote by GeekInThePink
Yes. I don't no anyone who dislikes them besides me.

I don't dislike them... I hate Dragon****.
No, no one on this site hates them with a passion.

And maybe take this to the massive Dragonforce thread?
I hate them with a passion. Anyone who's famous because of a video game is dumb. And they use tons of computer stuff. Can't play live. And only God knows how many guitar tracks they use
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Glad to see there is enthuisasm. Anyway i also wanted to ask in this rather than making a new thread what are you top five favourite bands?
Yes, yes, yes. I knew them before GH3, but they always have and always will be a 1 hit wonder. TTFAF sounds cool and everything but there are as many guitar parts as there are people who have never heard any other songs by them.
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Quote by nickstarules92
studioforce sucks balls

ah men brother
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Quote by kryptonite22
It's fast but I just can't pick up any emotion from it. For me it's the very definiteion of soulless playing.

yea, there's no art in playing as loud and fast as you can
Talented musicians, yes. Songcrafters, no. Cheezy douchebags, definitely. Like the worst part is I think they are serious when they do all their stuff. Like in the videos when they have slow-motion jumps and **** and beer drinking contests while the other person solos for 5 minutes.