Hey, check it out, new song recorded. It's not complete but I want to know what ya'll think of it. Thoughtful clean creepy/sad song. It's pretty slow and requires lyrics, it might seem to drag on and on. Listen anyway. Thanks

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Nice build up in the intro...something sounds a little off though...maybe slight tuning problem...

It's quite sinister...nice note selection. And then it kicks in! Oh wow! That was awesome! I really thought that was awesome. I felt it was a little too short. It kicked in with the distortion and I thought "yes, this is going to be great" but then it ended...I felt like it could've been extended and developed a wee bit.

The clean tone was really nice. What gear?

Oh, and I started listening to some of your other stuff. Weird was...well, weird but that was some nice playing going on.

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I liked it. Most of the first part of the song reminded me of Tool. I like the riff before the heavy part. It sounds pretty dark. Some of the playing was a little sloppy and a few notes sounded off, but other than that it was a good song.

good song, the heavy part shouldve came in earlier bc it got kinda repetitive, and there were lots of bends which i felt didnt fit. it was overall good though

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