Wilder says that his press handle was 17/5 inches long from the pivot point. (i am making my handle total length of 18''... with the pivot point at 17.5'')

The CENTER of the press foot is 5'' from the pivot point. Using that i am designing a little press of my own. I use my CNC machine to cut my radiused cauls for pressing the frets, Out of blood wood (janka is 2900, a strong dense reliable wood). bloodwood is DIRT cheap and i use it in alot of my necks as a middle lame/accent wood.

The cauls will be 3 inches wide... 1 inch thick (the middle of the radius point will be roughly .5'' thick after cut) I might make it 2'' thick. what do you guys think?

I am trying to find the best way to have the caul attached to the handle... the caul needs to be free-moving... like swinging, not stiffly attached. the only way i can think to do that is to drill a hole into one side of the caul, and put a threaded insert in (allen wrench probably)... and the CENTER of the of the press foot i will have a blood wood/lignum vitae dowell with a hole drilled in it that the threaded insert and go into, leaving the caul to float left and right freely so that it will press evenly on both sides of the guitar neck.

the base size of the press will be decided when i make my cauls and figure out how high it needs to be to reach a fingerboard at a roughly 0 degree angle with a caul underneath the fingerboard.

sound like fun? any ideas to help me along or add to it?
I'd attach the caul to the foot by means of a piece coming from the bottom of the foot and goin upward and a piece goin down from the caul, formin a 90 degree angle where the two peices attach. Then, make sure to dress it so the caul will line up on the fretboard when you put it in place. You don't want those frets to be crooked or uneven, do ya? I don't know, this might not work how you want it to. But I haven't tried it, so I'm not sure how it would work. Jus an Engineering Student's suggestion; take it as you will. Peace.
i know of a few people that do it this way, wilder for example, just research home made fret press or soemthing on google. its been done a bunch of times.

i think you will be good as long as its free floating left to right so that it will hit the fingerboard just right.
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